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When running your own limited company as a contractor or freelancer, online accounting software can only take you so far.

At ClearSky Contractor Accounting, we believe that our helpful MyClearSky web portal serves you best when you can reap the benefits of the personal touch as well.

That’s why in addition to MyClearSky, we provide the best value in expert contractor accounting, with resources such as:

Learn how ClearSky and our dedicated personal accountant service work together to add value for your limited company.

The full picture of your limited company

When you log in to MyClearSky, your secure home page offers an inclusive dashboard tailored especially for you. The dashboard offers you a safe, personalised and brief snapshot of the details of your limited company.

This is the perfect template to help you work with your personal accountant. The MyClearSky dashboard gives you a glance at all activities, like turnover, business expenses and all relevant account balances. Everything is in order to help you handle all of your monthly invoices, expenses and bank statements in one place. Now, you have a better chance to see what they see, and understand the advice being given.

Easily create invoices

The online accounting dashboard from MyClearSky allows you to work with your personal accountant more accuratelyUsing MyClearSky, you can create and track all invoices throughout your assignment. This section allows you to create new customers, draft details for the invoice, save and then send along the invoice whenever you’re ready. You can also raise VAT only invoices and credit notes.

Submit expenses even faster

The MyClearSky expenses section means you can digitally record your own personal expenses. The system allows you to set up and submit expense and mileage claims at your own convenience, as well as easily copy and submit any recurring claims you might have.

Do you know what counts as an expense? You will if you work with ClearSky. With insights on the latest rules governing what you can claim as a limited company contractor, a dedicated personal accountant is only a phone call away to help you.

Log your bank transactions

MyClearSky gives your limited company a host of ways to handle banking and other business-related accounts. You can do everything from set up bank account details (both current and brand new) to analyse outstanding bank account actions. You can upload your bank statements as well – either manually or as a CSV Excel file.

ClearSky are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to our clients. If you are looking to open or switch your business account, we highly recommend Metro Bank, our trusted banking partner.

More about MyClearSky online accounting

Your own Personal Accountant

Whether you are new to contracting or have encountered some head-spinning HMRC law, the accounting questions you need help with should be a simple phone call away. That’s why choosing ClearSky means you’ll benefit from online accounting software designed to work best with a dose of the human touch.

Because each client is allocated their own personal accountant, you’ll get someone dedicated to giving you tailored best practice advice that delivers on our motto of being with you all the way. We feel this service helps clients address what they’re looking for in a contractor accountant.

Coupled with MyClearSky, our personal accountant service puts you in a great position to better manage your accounts, expenses and invoicing ensuring you are constantly maximising your income.