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Welcome to our updated portal…

The new MyClearSky portal is almost here. If you’re an existing client of ours then we sure you’re looking forward to getting all set up and invoicing your clients, however if you’d like more information please speak with your personal accountant or continue browsing this page to read our FAQs and watch our video guides.

Click here to read our MyClearSky User Guide.

How to Get Started

On day one I’m sure you’ll be eager to get started and wondering what the first steps are to begin doing that. That’s why we created a what to do on day one video guide, which you can watch below. The video covers all the essentials you’ll need to get started including how to set up a customer, how to set up a bank feed and how to navigate the dashboard. Remember that not all banks currently have an open banking solution. We have included a list on our FAQ’s of the banks that currently support open banking.

Invoice Creation

Another key feature I’m sure you’ll be keen to use on day one is invoice creation; after all keeping the cash coming in is the most important part of running any business. That’s why we’ve also created the below video. Don’t forget you can also create detailed logos on the new portal so why not add a new logo before sending your first invoice!


If you still have questions about the updated MyClearSky portal, read our series of Frequently Asked Questions below.

The old portal had a function for notifying Clearsky when a months information was submitted, how will that be done now?

On the new portal the batch submission function has been replaced with a function to confirm the date your records have been updated to.

On the overview page you will see a confirmation facility, once you have updated your records for a month, quarter, period etc you enter the date the records are completed to and click on Confirm.

As an example if you have updated all your information for the month of July you would enter 31st July 20 in the date box and click Confirm.

You will also see the date to which your last records had been confirmed, in the example above it shows as 31st May 20. Please note that we advise as best practice, to confirm the completed record date at the end of a calendar month.

Once you have clicked to confirm, your accounting team will receive an automated e-mail. That information will then be reviewed and a member of the team will be in touch to confirm that has been reviewed.

What are the system requirements?

The new MyClearsky portal is web-based: there’s nothing to download or install. You only need a normal web browser, and a couple of common settings and plugins.

The MyClearsky Portal works best with the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Recent versions of Microsoft Edge
  • Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox
  • Recent versions of Safari
  • Recent versions of Google Chrome

Plugins and settings:

  • To view PDFs you can use Adobe Reader.
  • JavaScript must be enabled for the portal to function correctly.
  • Allowing your web browser to set cookies should be enabled before using the new portal.

The MyClearsky Portal is also mobile and tablet compatible.

How will I complete an SATR declaration and end of year declaration through the existing portal?

The current form will be available to complete and submit up until 31st July 2020. Any declarations currently in progress but not submitted by that date will be lost, so please ensure that you complete those submissions before the 1st August 2020. After that date we will be making available an SATR declaration form which will replace the version on the old portal.

The deadline for submitting the end of year declaration has passed. If you still need to complete this then it will still be available until the 31st July, after that you will need to contact your accounting team who can provide a form for you to complete. We are reviewing options for how this will be provided for subsequent tax years and will clearly communicate that to you in due course.

How do I obtain details of the historical transactions and documents?

We have stored details of all your previous transactional history and documents, including invoices, expenses and bank transactions. Those are available on request so please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like copies of those.

My information wasn’t up to date to the 30th June prior to the old portal being switched off; will that impact my ability to use the new solution?

No you can still start using that as soon as you have received the link and set up your password. If your bank supports opening banking then the new portal allows you to set  the date for when you want the real time bank feed to start, it will then populate all your bank transactions from the start date to the current date. If your bank doesn’t support open banking then you can still save a lot of time using the CSV upload function, ask your personal accountant if you need any assistance with that. You will still need to populate your invoices and expenses information, the current portal does have a CSV upload function for expenses as well though which should also save you significant time.

Which banks include open banking feeds?

The below banks currently facilitate open banking which allows for your transactions to feed through to the new portal in real time.

Danske Bank
Allied Irish Bank
First Direct
Bank of Ireland
Royal Bank of Scotland
Ulster Bank
Bank of Scotland
Tesco Bank
Capital One
Virgin Money
M&S Bank

Currently Cater Allen and Metro Bank don’t facilitate open banking. Until those banks make open banking available, we will be completing daily updates for you to the portal in order to ensure that your banking information is up to date.

The new portal also has a CSV upload function so if you would rather not have an open bank feed set up then you can still save time by doing bulk uploads via CSV at your convenience.

You outlined the new portal will intuitively analyse transactions, how does that work?

The portal uses AI to look at entries in previous months and will automatically assign those using historic entries and key words. This should save you time each month when analysing your data.  There is also an option to set up recurring expenses each month to replicate the previous copy expenses function on the old portal.

I have income outside of the business that needs to be incorporated into my personal tax projection

That’s no problem, the new portal has the functionality to add additional income and to allow for relief such as pension or gift aid. Just get in touch with your accounting team and they’ll arrange for that to be updated.

How do I approve financial statements using the new MyClearsky Portal?

All future correspondence will be sent for approval in password protected zip folders by email. The conversations function won’t be available in the short term but we are working on a solution to provide an improved version of this, we’ll communicate further when that becomes available.

I didn’t get a link to set up my username and password


The email request is coming from the following domain:

Please check your junk folder first then to see if this has been received. If not then don’t worry, just get in touch with your personal accountant and they will arrange for this to be sent through to you.