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IR35 is a piece of tax legislation designed to prevent contractors from working as disguised permanent employees, benefiting from a tax efficient route without the responsibility of running a limited company.

If you’re a contractor operating through your own limited company, IR35 is a subject you’ll only be too familiar with. However, determining the IR35 status of a contract isn’t always straightforward, and being caught inside IR35 can land you in hot water.

If you’re unsure of how your contract fares with IR35, help is at hand. An IR35 contract review can hold the key to ensuring your contract is fully compliant, whilst maximising your tax efficiency. The financial implications of working inside IR35 can be significant, so we would recommend getting each contract analysed by a specialist.

How is my IR35 status determined?

HMRC’s current framework can become complex, and varies from contract to contract. However, there’s a few factors which play their part in determining your IR35 status:


Carrying out work through your limited company generally means you’ve got a higher level of control over your working hours and conditions, than that of an employee. HMRC will look at how much control your end client has over your hours of work, working conditions, and the assignment you’re working on.

Right to Substitution

One of the things that can distinguish you from a permanent employee, is your right to provide a substitute if you’re unable to work. This counts as another contractor which replaces you, in order to complete the work you’ve done for your client.

Mutuality of Obligation (MoO)

Permanent employees are generally asked to fulfil tasks and projects by their employer, and as an employee they are obliged to carry these out to a set standard.

Things are a little different for contractors; you’re required to fulfill the work agreed by your client and move on once you’ve completed it. If there’s no mutuality of obligation with your end client, then this could point to your contract landing outside of IR35.


Our dedicated review services are there to make sure you’re operating compliantly. The table below gives an overview of what we offer.

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Get a review

What’s involved in a review?

Unfortunately, IR35 isn’t a one size fits all, and each determination varies from contract to contract. There’s no need to worry though, as our expert accountants are well trained in the technicalities involved in determining your status.

We will review your contract in detail, looking at how your contract fares against the guidelines provided by HMRC. We’ll also talk you through the reasons why we think your contract has passed or failed, and give you your next steps to ensure you stay compliant.

Help is at hand

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