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We decided to switch to ClearSky after becoming increasingly disillusioned by the level of service that our previous accountant was offering. Indeed, we had such a poor experience that we were initially put off the idea of changing providers as we were afraid of history repeating itself.

The previous accountant made a host of significant errors with our business. I am just glad that Jackie (the other director and shareholder) knew about accounting or else who knows where we could have ended up?

Although we did experience some initial teething problems when setting up with ClearSky, this was primarily due to our previous provider not co-operating fully. We’re happy to say that things are running much more smoothly now, however we do still need to ask the odd clarification point now and then.

ClearSky are head and shoulders above our last accountancy service and we are very pleased that we made the switch. Their team is so knowledgeable, proficient and efficient - we just wish we had changed providers a lot sooner!

Graham Barrett