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“I had been contracting for several years as part of an umbrella company and was trying to decide whether I should go Limited. The whole process seemed so daunting and I was unsure whether it would be financially viable to make the leap.

ClearSky quickly worked out my finances for the year ahead and showed me how much I could earn compared to what I was receiving now. This convinced me to make the change as I could end up with an extra £9,000 a year in my pocket.

The incorporation process was so straightforward and ClearSky did all the hard work for me. They prepared all the forms so that I only had to fill in the blanks. The ongoing management of my account is simple too, as they even take care of my VAT submissions. I only spend about two hours each month updating my payments, sending out invoices and checking my statements. ClearSky do all the rest!

Any questions I have are always answered on the spot and they even helped me with the troublesome IR35. Looking back, I would have made the transition sooner had I known about ClearSky’s service. The estimations I received about the extra money I would have in my pocket were spot on.”

Aerron Perry

Asimov Consulting Limited