Banishing Start-up Worries

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I had considered going into contracting after being made redundant, but felt daunted by the prospect of setting up my own company. Although I was unaware of ClearSky at the time, I knew a lot of people who had used their sister company, Parasol. They recommended I give them a call and see what they can do for me, so I did.

The ClearSky team talked me through the process of setting up my company and provided extremely straightforward advice that immediately gave me the confidence I needed to get started. They made everything so easy that I wondered why it had taken me so long to get going.

Even now, I am impressed by the level of service I receive from ClearSky. They are incredibly helpful and supportive and are always patient with me – no matter how many times I call. I particularly found this useful when first getting started, as there were a few occasions where I needed reassurance.

I think that the portal is easy to navigate and makes it simple to work with ClearSky. The service is second to none and I have always found the team to be proactive, professional and efficient.

The most important thing, however, is the feeling that I can always count on ClearSky. This provides the peace of mind I need, leaving me free to focus on my clients and growing my business.

I feel that I have really got the hang of things now, and am extremely grateful to ClearSky for helping me get this far. In fact, I have already recommended them to several of my friends who are thinking about setting up their own company.

Simone Newport