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I’ve been an interim healthcare manager/consultant for around 6 years, having previously been an assistant director of nursing for the NHS.

After much thinking, I decided I would make the leap and begin contracting. I was very worried about getting into a pickle with tax and National Insurance, so I originally decided to go with an umbrella company.

I really enjoyed the experience of working as a contractor, and while I was interested in the thought of setting up my own company, I found the prospect to be too daunting. Then, I was offered a role by a recruitment firm who didn’t work with my umbrella company at the time. They told me about the two companies they did work with, of which ClearSky’s sister company Parasol was one.

When I contacted Parasol, I was initially just interested in switching umbrella companies. However, when I spoke to their helpful staff, they went through all my financial information and told me how much better off I would be as a Limited company owner. Their advice gave me so much confidence that I chose to take the plunge and form my own business.

They supported me throughout the entire process of setting up my company and there was always someone at the other end of the phone I seek advice from.

I’ve never regretted my decision and I’m now able to trundle around the country on assignment, safe in the knowledge that ClearSky will keep me on the straight and narrow. I just wish I’d spoken to them sooner!

Liz Towell