Success Story: George Hosegood

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Friendships are often formed at university, and in some cases so are business partners. George Hosegood and his business partner Rupert have started not one but two businesses; one whilst they were at university then another after they graduated.

The pair sold their first business to fund their second; Turvec Solutions Ltd. We asked one half of the partnership, George, a few questions about how they’re finding owning their own limited company and whether he’d encourage others to do the same.

So far, what has been your biggest highlight since starting your business?
A highlight for me was signing our agreement with our Dutch partner company. This agreement allowed us to launch our business into the UK with tried and tested products. Following this we got a real buzz from archiving our first major orders with big companies, knowing that less than a year before Turvec didn't even exist.

Did you choose to work for yourself straight from university or did you work somewhere else first?
We knew that a lot of research and planning would go into building Turvec before we could launch the company, so it seemed like a sensible decision to get started as soon as we finished our final year exams.Rupert and George from Turvec

We also spent the summer after our final year exams selling our events company we had built over our time at university, the capital raised from this sale allowed us to explore our concept for Turvec straight out of university.

Did you always want to work for yourself whilst you were at University?
As mentioned above, we started an events company at university. Running and growing this small business gave us a taste of entrepreneurship, and following this experience we knew that graduate jobs would not be the right route for us.

Is your current career sector in line with what you studied at University?
No, Turvec operates mainly in the construction industry, I studied Law and my business partner Rupert studied International Business Management.

Did your University discuss starting a business as a viable option post-university?
No, little career advice was given to us at university, but we were very pre-occupied with our events business, so it is fair to say the advice may have been there if we had sought it.

Would you encourage others to start a business?
We are still at a very early stage with lots to learn, so perhaps not best qualified to encourage or advise others. What I have learnt is that starting a business is so accessible now that if someone wants to do it they easily can with very limited means.

Is there anything you would change about your journey/career so far?
I would not change anything drastic, however sometimes if you look back on issues that faced the business in the past, you realise how minor some are in the grand scheme of things, and perhaps we shouldn't have focused so much on smaller issues.

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