Success Story: Ed Hollands

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In a world saturated with successful businesses and ideas, it can be hard to find something niche that works. Business Studies graduate, Ed Holland, has found both: a unique and niche business idea that has had a lot of success; Driven Media. Read our interview with him below.

Did you choose to work for yourself straight from university or did you work somewhere else first? 
Ever since I was at primary school I’ve wanted to work for myself and start my own business but I never had the right idea. When I finished uEd Hollandsniversity I gave myself 6 months to come up with an idea while working in an awful job; it was the kick start I needed. Inspiration hit me the second week I was there and I left before the month was up. I suppose my dream has always been to run a successful business and it's something I love doing.

Is your current career sector in line with what you studied at University?
It's very close; I studied Business Studies at Derby University, graduating with a first. I still remember waiting for my certificate and winning a contract based on an email conversation I had while desperately hoping I wouldn't be called next. That still is the biggest contract we've won.

Have you faced any adversity since starting your company? How have you dealt with this?
Definitely cash flow. When you start a business (especially in the case of Driven Media, with it being an untested medium) it takes a long time to generate enough cash within the business to stay afloat. Luckily I have my parents and my girlfriend, Tara, to thank for their support and assistance.

Did your university discuss starting a business as a viable option post-graduation?
The support was available as an option however I felt it never had the same support as those looking to get a job.

Is there anything that you would change about your journey/career so far?
I would take more opportunities and get more experiences that you can spark ideas from. I don’t do this enough.

Would you encourage others to start a business? If so, why?
Yes - I'm passionate about it and I'd love for more people to follow my footsteps. When you finish university it's the best time to do it as you're used to eating and living with a limited income and you haven't got additional responsibilities of children etc.  You just have to view it as a job and keep going.

What are you aspirations for the future?
I'm the type of person who can't sit still, so I think once DrivenMedia is pretty much self-sufficient in terms of income and my time to manage it, I'd like to start others and create a business empire. I suppose following Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Example!

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