The Big Contractor Survey: WorkStyle’s Advice for New Contractors

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At ClearSky, we understand that getting the best advice is crucial for contractors in those early stages. That’s why we spoke to 144 of our existing clients to find out what how they got into self-employment, what challenges they overcame and what advice they had for new contractors.

If you’re new to the industry or you’re thinking about contracting, there’s no better people to ask for advice than those who have been there. Our existing clients have shared their insights about getting started in our first edition of WorkStyle. You can see some of their advice about starting out below.


WorkStyle Contracting Guide

Make sure you’re prepared

This was the most recurring answer from our contractors – when you’re starting on your journey, it pays to be as well prepared as possible. You should spend some time networking and researching to gain as much information as possible as to what you can expect from your new lifestyle. There are lots of new responsibilities entailed so make sure you’re familiar with what’s expected of you.

Take it seriously

Contracting is a fast-paced and exciting lifestyle, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like any other job. You should take this as an opportunity to rely on yourself rather than others and to learn all you can as you go.

Think about the long-term

Finding your first contract can be a challenge, so you should use the experience to plan where the next ones are going to come from. You should look to make connections, learn the necessary skills and find contacts to help you later on in your career.

Plan for rainy days

Being self-employed means you’ll no longer be entitled to the same employee benefits and this can come as a shock to some new contractors. The responsibility now falls to you. Put some cash aside for yourself – whether it’s for annual leave, sick pay or your pension, it pays to plan ahead.

Find the full survey in WorkStyle

WorkStyle is packed full of helpful advice for contractors old and new. You’ll find advice for finding contracts, expenses guides and tips for writing a killer contractor CV. For more information and to read the full contractor survey, click here to download your free copy.