What advertising expenses can I claim as a limited company?

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One of the many ways limited company contractors can boost their income is by claiming legitimate business expenses. This allows self-employed professionals the opportunity to top up their take-home pay and keep more of their hard-earned cash.

As an independent business, one of the most important, and potentially expensive, challenges is to advertise your company and your expertise. But did you know that you could claim back some of these costs?

We’ve created this handy guide outlining the charges that contractors can be reimbursed for.


Independent professionals are able to claim back the costs of placing adverts in newspapers, magazines and other media. It is also possible to seek reimbursement for designing, writing and producing your material.

Free samples

Contractors who decide to give away free samples as part of their advertising strategy are able to claim back associated costs. This is provided the items show your logo.

Website costs

Remember that your company website is a major source of marketing and advertising opportunities. As a result, you are able to claim back all setup and management costs. It is also possible to be reimbursed for charges associated with domain registration, hosting, design and development.

Bulk mail advertising

Much like generic advertising, contractors are also able to claim for costs associated with direct mail drops. This includes design, writing, printing and posting charges.

Charity sponsorship

If you decide to sponsor a charitable organisation, it is possible to claim back any associated costs. Please note that providing a one-off donation does not qualify for reimbursement as it gives your business no visible benefit.

Sponsoring a charity qualifies because the whole concept revolves around creating positive exposure for your company. It is only possible to claim for expenses if the charity:

  • Publicly supports your products or services
  • Links from their website to yours
  • Allows you to sell your goods or services at their event or premises
  • Allows you to use their logo in your own printed material.

For more information about the types of expenses you can claim for as a limited company contractor, please click here.