Support for freelancers

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Whether you’re new to freelancing or a veteran, having a strong support system will help you flourish in your career.

But where can you get this support?

Family and friends


You may be surprised how much the support from your family and friends can mean when things get a bit stressful. They are a great to take a break with and clear your head, so you can approach your work with a new perspective.

Fellow freelancers

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Who better to get advice from then the people who are going through the same things? Network with freelancers inside and outside your industry; they may be going through the same issue as you, and have a way to solve it. It may just be about getting some confidence from those who have been doing it longer than you.




Talking to people who have specialised knowledge and insight in to the freelancing world, will help you tackle situations you haven’t faced before. When you first start doing your accounts it can be intimidating, so seeking out professional accountancy firms to talk through the process, will not only teach you, but prevent mistakes happening.



A lot of people head to the internet with their questions, and it can be a great tool to get your worries answered. Look for quality blogs, freelance forums, and social media groups to get involved with. It’s a great way to quickly network, and interact with freelancers from all over the world in different industries, and share your experiences.

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