Summer Expenses for Contractors

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This week has certainly been a scorcher, with temperatures reaching record levels. We’ve been melting here in the office, but the supply of ice lollies have helped cool us down. We can safely say that summer is here!

As you’re the boss of your own schedule, you’ve obviously got the casting vote in where and when you work. There’s no need to let the heat stop you from making the most of things. If you find yourself spending money on the essentials,we’ve got good news for you. If these must-haves are solely for business use, you could be able to claim some of these back as expenses.

The perfect excuse to grab an ice cream

If you’re outside IR35, providing you’re contracting at a temporary place of work, the food you purchase can be claimed as a business expense. As it’s warm, you may as well grab an ice cream and make the most of the weather. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Stay hydrated

As the well-known saying goes - stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, especially if you’re busy. Stock up on bottled water and keep some in easy reach wherever you go!


If you’re working outside, then it’s time to protect your skin from sunburn. Slap on the sunscreen, safe in the knowledge that you can claim this as a business expense if used solely during your working hours.

Make life a breeze

There’s no need to work in a sticky, warm environment. If those in permanent employment can benefit from fans and air conditioning units, then why should you suffer in the heat? As well as tucking into your go-to ice lolly, make life a breeze by purchasing a fan.

Roll out the BBQ

Having a summer barbecue is a tradition here in the UK. To be honest, we don’t really need an excuse to roll out the grill and enjoy a burger in the sun, but we have one to share with you. Hosting a BBQ for your employees could be cheaper than you thought - you can claim up to £150 (including VAT) per employee, as long as it’s an annual event.

With you all the way

We can’t do much about the heat, but we can certainly help you with the ins and outs of contracting life. If you would like to discover more about claiming expenses, our guides contain all the essential information.