Tips for Staying Productive Through the Festive Season

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Permanent employees are looking towards the festive season with the promise of time off to relax, but as a contractor, things are a little bit different. You’re responsible for your work, your hours of operation, your own income and we understand that it isn’t always possible to take time off around the festive period.

Read our advice to help you stay productive when Christmas rolls around and still make time to enjoy the holiday season.

Get your work done in good time

Aim to get all of your outstanding work boxed off before the big day. This means that you won’t need to sacrifice any of your off-time to finish anything urgent.

Make a list of all outstanding work that needs to be boxed off and the time to complete it by. Having deadlines will keep you productive and focused on the end-goal.

Cut out the distractions

Between the frenzy of present-wrapping, decorating and visits from the family, finding time to get work done can be a challenge – especially if you work from home.

Consider taking refuge in a coffee shop or communal office to keep your productivity levels high during the Christmas period. If this isn’t possible, find a place in the house away from all of the distractions and ask family members not to disturb you.

Take care of the small things

The small tasks can take up more time than you think. That’s why you should take care of the little things when they come in – pay off any invoices, file away your documents and keep on top of those emails – though they may not be urgent, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Enjoy your time off

It’s always vital that you adapt your own WorkStyle and this is just as true at Christmas. Just as it’s important for your limited company that you work hard, you should also make the time to relax.

Be strict with the hours you set yourself and don’t work any longer than agreed. Take some well-earned time off to enjoy Christmas and you’ll be thankful you did when the New Year rolls around. You can find more about finding your WorkStyle in our guide.

Help from ClearSky

A helping hand can make a big difference to your productivity levels, especially over the festive period.

At ClearSky, we’re experts at providing financial support to contractors. Whether you need advice about tax, help with your National Insurance or support with expenses, we’ve got the solution.

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