Setting and Measuring Your Contractor Goals

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As a contractor, you’re in the front seat when it comes to your career. This means you have control over your training, development and ultimately what you accomplish.

Setting goals is vital to the success of your company, but knowing exactly what you should be measuring isn’t always easy. If you’re struggling with your goals, we’ve put together some advice to help you along the way.

Make your goals measurable

Whether you’re saving money, you’re learning new skills or you want to work on more projects, the easiest way to set and achieve these targets is to make them easily measurable. Ideally, it should be easy for you to track these goals month on month so you can see your progress.

Be realistic

Any goal you set should challenge you, but should also be realistically attainable. Think about what you have accomplished so far in your career as a realistic benchmark for what’s next. Think about where you want to be and break this down into small and manageable goals which you can easily review periodically.

Set deadlines for yourself

Without deadlines, it’s easy to let your plans fall by the wayside. Setting dates for your targets will give you something to aim towards.

Just as an employer would schedule progress meetings if you were a permanent employee, it may be worthwhile for you to set some time aside from time to time to see what progress you’re making.

Evaluate your current position

When setting goals for yourself, you should look to your current position. Have a think about what you have already accomplished and whether you have made progress since you began your contracting career. If there’s something you still have yet to achieve, now could be the perfect time to work towards this.

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