Planning half term time off

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For contractors, half term is a great time to book off. School is out and there are lots of day out deals to take advantage of.

However, time off needs to be planned to ensure your assignment isn’t interrupted and your client is happy with you being out of office.

Here’s four ways you can organise time off during half term time:

Take leave

A lot of people want to take half term off, so it’s better to plan ahead. You could align your assignments so you already have that week off or arrange the time off with your client in advance so it doesn’t hinder the progression of your assignment. If you haven’t already planned your Christmas time off, sort it now so you don’t leave it too late.


Flexible working hours

One of the main reasons many people switch to contracting is to enjoy more flexible lifestyle. This is especially beneficial during half term if you don’t want to take time off, as you can schedule your working hours around your family commitments so you don’t miss out on either.


Work from home

As a contractor, you may have the opportunity to work from home during the half term period. This is great as it cuts out travelling time and you can switch off immediately when your working hours end. If you’re worried about distractions, you could go and work in a local coffee shop or in a different part of the house.


Arranging your pay

When working through a limited company you can decide when you get paid. If you’re looking to go away or even just have days out during the half term, arrange your pay to be made in time for your activities. This will stop you from missing out on things because you’re short on money.