Mileage expense claims from our favourite Disney characters

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We’re all huge Disney fans here at ClearSky, and why would you blame us? This month’s release of Aladdin got us all thinking; how much would our favourite Disney characters be able to claim back in mileage expenses? Afterall, our favourite Disney heroes and villains do seem to rack up the miles throughout their adventures. Travel onwards to find out more!

When it comes to claiming back your mileage expenses, the amount you’ll be able to claim depends entirely on:

  1. Your choice of transport (cars, vans, motorcycles and bikes are all eligible)
  2. The distance travelled
  3. Whether you’re inside or outside IR35


It makes sense to start with Aladdin, and what would be better than riding a magic carpet? Aladdin first finds a magic carpet when trying to secure the genie’s lamp. Being successful in his attempt, he forms a close alliance with the magic carpet and they travel together on a regular basis, even to assignments like saving Agrabah from the evil Jafar.

Aladdin’s assignments are outside IR35, as the following points apply:

  • He is not under the control of anybody (fortunately Jafar puts his focus on controlling the Sultan, not Aladdin), there is no set time for when he must save the kingdom and he can save the day where and how he likes
  • After the contract ends, there is no expectation for him to carry out any further work for the client

As his flying carpet isn’t eligible for mileage claims, he unfortunately cannot claim back any expenses. The only way in which he can claim expenses is if he decides to use another mode of transport.

Snow White

Snow White prefers assignments close to home, so she’s able to spend more time doing what she loves – sleeping.

Being watchful for any red apples on route, she enjoys a shorter commute to and from assignments, travelling by bicycle is her favourite way of travelling to and from work. As a result of this, her expenses claims aren’t too extensive. She can claim 20p per mile travelled and although she is unlikely to ever reach the 10,000-mile limit, she will still be able to claim 20p per mile after reaching it.


As the famous saying goes – Cinderella must go to the ball! Or as we like to put it, Cinderella must go to her assignment!

This popular Disney character likes to travel in quite a traditional manner, using a carriage to get to her destination. Taking a not-so-traditional approach to her WorkStyle, she prefers working late, usually finishing work when the clock strikes midnight.

Cinderella can also claim 45p per mile, for the first 10,000 business miles travelling in her carriage. She must be careful though – the cost of any lost glass slippers cannot be claimed back.


She’s a clever one, that’s for sure. Maleficent lives in the moors, suggesting that she has her own mode of transport. This is true, she has wings to fly to her chosen destination. How good is that!

When it comes to her mileage allowance, she doesn’t have the right to claim back any expenses as her mode of transport doesn’t qualify. But when would this matter if she can get to her destination in seconds? We’re certainly not complaining, if only we could all have a lie-in every morning!

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