Introducing WorkStyle, Our Newest Publication

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At ClearSky, we’re dedicated to making the lives of contractors old and new as easy as possible and providing help wherever we can. That’s why we created WorkStyle, our first publication dedicated to contractors.

The inspiration behind WorkStyle

We get a lot of questions from contractors about how to get started, how to manage their finances and how to juggle all of their new responsibilities. The publication was born from a desire to help contractors answer these prevalent questions and show that support is always available. We wanted to break down the barriers which have stopped people from pursuing self-employment and help them to see that they too could do it.

We wanted to try something new and innovative to reach contractors that’s not really been done in the market before - something tangible that they could use at the beginning of their journey, but could also be of use when progressing on their career path.

John Darcy, Senior Marketing Executive at ClearSky

What’s inside?

Our aim was to shed light on any gaps in knowledge someone new to the industry might have. Inside, you’ll find some great advice from our existing clients about how to start up, some common challenges to overcome and how to secure your first role.

But there’s also plenty inside that can be referenced later on. We packed WorkStyle full of guides about the expenses limited company directors will need to be aware of, a breakdown of IR35 and how to write the perfect CV.

We spoke to real contractors who have experienced the highs and lows of what it’s actually like to get a true reflection of starting out in contracting. It highlighted some surprising themes and reasons as to why people seek out a career change so it’s definitely worth a look.

We created each article with the intention of adding value, whether you’re new to the world of contracting, or you’ve been self-employed for some time.

Get your copy

You can download your free digital copy here. Alternatively, just fill in your address and we’ll pop a paper copy out to you in the post.