How to avoid time between contracts

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When finishing an assignment, the majority of contractors will be itching to get started on the next one. If you don’t plan your next step before your current assignment has ended, you could unintentionally find yourself on the sidelines for a few months. To avoid this, it’s crucial you plan ahead so that your contracting career can continue on its intended path.

Here are our top three tips for avoiding gaps between contracts:

Give yourself time

If you want to work back-to-back contracts, looking for assignments on the last week of your job will not allow enough time to find suitable work. Start looking for new projects way in advance and let your contacts know you are available for work. This will allow you more time to consider your options and get something sorted before you finish.

Actively search

Don’t lose valuable hours thinking about looking for work and not actually doing it. Set aside time around your current commitments to actively search for new assignments and be sure to focus on the future rather than just the present. Once you get yourself into a routine, it will seem less of a laborious task.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

Worrying about securing a new contract can cause some people to procrastinate and become stressed. If you plan your next steps in advance, reach out to contacts and stay positive and motivated, you will find you have a much easier time than if you constantly worry. Remember, you successfully obtained the current project on your own merits so you can do it again.

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