How contracting can help parents have it all

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Working parents trapped in the traditional 9-5 are feeling guilty about time spent away from their families.

Research from jobs site Career Builder UK reveals that 33% of parents admit their children have asked them to work less. Some 42% of fathers feel their job has negatively affected their relationship with their kids, compared to 35% of mothers.

In addition, some 37% of respondents said they spent less than two hours per day with their family. Almost half (47%) of mothers would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant they saw their children more, while 39% of fathers said the same.

Scott Helmes, managing director at Career Builder UK, said: “While the vast majority [of parents] believe it is possible to ‘have it all’ in terms of career and children, maintaining a healthy balance between the two can still be a struggle.”

A career in contracting, on the other hand, allows parents to have the best of both worlds. Independent professionals can benefit from an enhanced work/life balance while utilising their skills and enjoying a higher rate of pay than their full-time counterparts.

Indeed, one ClearSky client claimed that the ability to take time off with the family was the “greatest thing” that contracting allowed him to do. He said: “I took three months off when each of my kids reached their first birthday. I saw all their first steps and first words.”

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