How client feedback benefits contractors

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When you’ve worked hard on an assignment, it can sometimes be difficult to step back and evaluate your performance. Asking your client to give their opinion on your performance is a good way to get honest, constructive and helpful feedback.

Here are three reasons why client feedback is beneficial:

Professional development

Don’t be disheartened if you receive some negative feedback. Constructive criticism is great for your professional development as you can identify your weaker areas and strive to improve them. Take the opportunity to learn and practice new techniques to add to your skill set.

Building better working relationships

Successfully building working relationships is important while working on assignment, as it can affect future contracting opportunities. Gather positive feedback from clients that showcases your ability to enhance a team.

If a few aspects have been highlighted for improvement, take time to reflect on the comments and consider altering your way of working.

Strong portfolio

Presenting previous work to potential clients is a great way to showcase your capabilities and secure new contracts. In addition, providing a portfolio of positive testimonials will not only show the quality of your work, but also how much you have impressed your clients in the past. This will help instil a sense of confidence in your ability.

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