Hiring the perfect employee

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In a previous blog post, we discussed our tips on how you could become a professional employer, from building the appropriate employer-employee relationship to the legal requirements. However, what can you do to find a suitable employee?

Here are our four tips:

Criteria list

When drafting up your vacancy it’s important you include a criteria list. Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a candidate will help you sift through the mound of CVs you’ll hopefully receive. When you’ve received applications, carefully match candidates up with your criteria to find the most suitable person. If you want more detail on a specific point, pose some questions to get a more in depth answer.

Challenge the candidates

Interviews, whether face-to-face or over the phone, are your chance to get a feel for the candidate. It’s also the time to test them to see if they can handle the responsibilities they would be given. Set them a small timed task or ask topical questions and devise a scoring system to see which candidate ranks the highest.

Follow up

It can be a mistake not to follow up on references or the projects the candidate has claimed to have worked on. If they have cited website links featuring their work, take a look at them before the interview and question them about the project. Contact their previous employer to confirm their participation on a project and how they would evaluate their overall performance. This is your opportunity to check whether the candidate has the experience to do the job.


You’ve found the perfect candidate, but it’s crucial you use their first few weeks to observe them. See how they approach and execute tasks, the standard of work they produce and how well they work within your team. Placing a new employee on a set trial period gives them the opportunity to prove themselves and you the time to see if they’re the perfect fit.

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