Generation Y: can contracting utilise niche skills?

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October is fast approaching, bringing with it a rise in the national minimum wage. Many businesses are already feeling the pressure and are scaling back on new hires, which is not the greatest news for millennials who are looking to take their first steps on the career ladder.

All hope is not lost though. Generation Y has grown up in a technology driven world, where spending time on a computer or laptop is more important than heading down to the local park.

Even though most parents fought valiantly to tear their children away from their computer screens, being up-to-date with technology advancements has given many young professionals a really impressive, and often very niche skill set. After all, this is the generation who prefer the language of coding to French.


So, can Generation Y succeed in the “permie” workforce?

It’s obvious most millennials are more than capable of thriving as a permanent worker, but the inability to spot real talent in the younger generation could stall their career.

A survey by Censuswide, found only 52% of millennials felt “their skills and attributes are fully utilised by their current organisation” and only 54% have been able to implement their ideas in their workplace.

Given the research suggests not all young people are valued as “permies”, opting to be an interim worker may be the better option.

Contracting has long been the answer for some professionals who are sick of the daily grind and with many employers plagued with skill gaps, Generation Y’s niche skill set might just be the perfect fit.