Finding new contracting work: ClearSky’s top tips

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Whether you’re a new contractor or have years of experience under your belt, finding new contracts can sometimes be a challenge. But this process does not need to be difficult and there are steps you can take to make securing new roles as easy as possible.

Perfect your CV

Your CV will be one of your greatest allies and likely the first impression a potential client will have of you. This is why it’s important to ensure that it is as captivating as possible when you're hunting for work. You should take some time to ensure that your CV is up to date and that you emphasise your necessary skills and experience. For more information about crafting the killer contractor CV, you can consult our handy guide.

There are a number of job boards online which post positions regularly and you can send your CV directly to. Since a large majority of clients still rely on job boards to source new clients, it is worth checking these regularly to maximise your chances.

Use recruitment agencies

The industry is stuffed full of recruiters who can serve as an excellent option if you’re new to contracting. These agencies can find suitable positions based on your skill set and experience and they often have access to contacts that you may not be able to make contact with otherwise.

In order to maximise your chances of finding new contracts, you should aim to sign up with around five separate companies. The wealth of recruiters now means that you can find agencies which work specifically within your industry who are looking for your skillset.

Find clients online

Building a professional website is cheaper and easier than ever before, and your website can serve as an opportunity to promote your skills and experience. As an alternative to your CV, you can point clients towards your site.

Social media can also be a great tool when searching for new contracts. Many recruiters and hirers are taking to social media to advertise positions and hunt for top talent. LinkedIn has become a popular platform for contractors to find recruiters and potential employers who are looking for a niche set of skills. You can also use LinkedIn to search for job adverts, and these will likely be more targeted to contracting within your industry.

Build your network

Networking means more than just flashing your business cards at exhibitions, and with some experience, it is easy to network with clients and make yourself visible within your industry. Pursuing new clients directly will help you to stand out within your industry and provide you with a better chance of sourcing new contracts.

It may also be helpful to stay in touch with old clients as recommendations can help you with new roles. As you grow as a contractor, you should build and maintain a network of contacts as this can solidify your reputation.

Support from Clearsky

There are many ways to promote yourself and your company, and finding the right combination for you can make the hunt for new contracts easier.

For support throughout your contracting journey, ClearSky is here to help. Our dedicated team are always on hand to provide all of the help you need. Simply call us on 0800 464 0378 for more information.