Contractor Clinic: 5 tips for a professional CV

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As a contractor, your CV is a chance to make a good impression with recruiters and their clients, so it's important that yours is up to date and professional.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating a stand out CV:

Highlight your specialist skills

Many businesses are suffering from skill shortages and are looking to contractors to help fill the gaps. This has generated more opportunities for specialist contractors, so it’s more important than ever to have your skills featured on your CV. Try separating out your skills in to their own section or make them stand out with a different design, so it's clear what you have to offer.

Showcase examples of your previous work

It's great to write about what projects you have worked on, but businesses and recruiters want to see the work you have produced. There are many ways you can present your work, from building a portfolio to adding the web links to your CV. However you choose to display them, just make sure they are distinctive on the page.

Utilise online platforms

Using online platforms to promote your skills and find new assignments has become more popular. Websites like LinkedIn are a fantastic platform for you to present your experience and to find potential assignments. When setting up your profile, have the work you're interested in at the top of your page so when recruiters and businesses are searching for candidates, your profile will pop up.

Think outside the box

Creative CVs have become more prominent and with competition from other contractors fierce, some people believe a standard CV may not be enough. Look at your CV and think about how you can utilise your skills to make it more eye catching and engaging. People have invented creative ways to gain employment, like the use of advertising billboards or changing the design to make a creative CV.

Get your CV out there

So your CV is up to date and polished, but it's not going to do much sat in your saved documents. Send it to businesses and recruiters that you're interested in working with, apply for assignments you think suit your skill set and don't be scared to enquire and get your name out there. When contacting anyone, be consistently professional from the CV to the email and include a covering letter.

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