The 4 Best Coworking Spaces in Manchester

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When you are a contractor or a freelancer, you might find yourself in a situation where you work remotely, rather than on site. Whilst some prefer the comfort of their own home or a coffee shop, many opt to work within a co-working space.

Coworking spaces allow you to maintain that office environment whilst linking with a fellow community of freelancers, contractors, small business owners and remote workers. Co-working space are fun and affordable, so it comes as no surprise that many are popping up across the UK's major cities. We've looked at one of the jewels of the North of England, Manchester, and explored the most exciting co-working spaces in the city.

Central Working

Central Working has a large number of co-working spaces across London, but also a dedicated space in Deansgate, Manchester. Based within one of Manchester's beautiful grade listed buildings, this unique co-working space has a 150 person capacity lecture theatre, just in case you need to do a big pitch. The office space is open plan, complete with workspaces, coffee shop and even a balcony!

Beehive Lofts

Looking for something a bit different? Beehive Lofts has been at the heart of Manchester's coworking scene since its opening in 2014. Founded specifically for workers in the digital and creative sectors, the space was established with the goal to create a sustainable community in addition to providing flexible memberships. Beehive Lofts, as you may guess, is also based in a loft just outside the popular Northern Quarter of Manchester.


SpacePortX are located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, and their focus is on serving the needs of workers in the technology sector. A diverse community of developers, designers and IT contractors, SpacePortX caters to its community by hosting tech events, as well as providing super-fast internet and a rooftop garden - which isn't bad to work from on the few days of sunshine England gets a year!


Workplace allows members to be free from the shackles of office management. Based just a five minute walk from Manchester Oxford Road train station, Workplace offers its customers with the choice of hot desking, beautiful boutique styled offices or a unique central lounge area. Workplace also provides free coffee and tea for its members and even offers deals on your parking!

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